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We care about the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients, friends and communities as we continue to serve the needs of our clients.  Our offices remain open, although we are using alternative means of communication to replace in-person meetings. For more information on our firm’s operations and plan in response to COVID-19, click here or call us at 757-490-3000. Click here for helpful COVID-19 articles and resources.

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COVID-19, Workers Compensation Immunity, and Coverage under Commercial General Liability Insurance Policies

There will be employees who contract the coronavirus and claim they were infected by a fellow-worker at the jobsite or in the office.  Then these employees will bring a personal injury suit against their employer to recover money damages or, in the case of a fatality, their estate will bring a wrongful death action against the employer.  This article outlines proposed legislation in the Congress and in the Virginia General Assembly that, if enacted, will allocate some of the...

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Separation and Divorce During COVID-19: Steps to Take During Lockdown

Despite being told that “this is the new normal”, there is nothing normal about the current coronavirus pandemic shutdowns and the related experiences people are enduring throughout Virginia, and the world.  Many families are hunkered down in a home where parents are trying to assume new roles that may include classroom teacher, child entertainer, and in some cases, a full-time spouse.  Every family has its own dynamic which develops into their “normal” lives.  Some function...

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New Unemployment Benefits Under the CARES Act

The recently enacted Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, known as the CARES Act, includes three new federally-funded programs to provide additional unemployment compensation for workers.  While the federal government is providing the funding, the programs will be administered by the states as part of their unemployment insurance systems. What follows is a brief summary of each program. PANDEMIC UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE The CARES Act creates the Pandemic...

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Virginia General Assembly Adopts Emergency Legislation Allowing Virtual Board Meetings During the Current State of Emergency

UPDATED 4/27/20 - Virginia Governor signed the legislation. Our Community Association Practice Group has been fielding many questions from concerned Boards of Directors regarding their ability to conduct association business during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Currently, the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act and the Virginia Condominium Act, require at least two directors to be physically present at a board meeting in order for the rest of the board to attend...

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Brown Water Seamen and the Stowaway Virus: Coronavirus Precautions

When one thinks of the seamen of old or of modern times, images of sailing across the deep, blue ocean between continents on wooden sailing ships or, perhaps, making long voyages on ultra-large container vessels comes to mind.  These “blue water” seamen, however, constitute only a small fraction of the crews that work onboard the vessels that make our economy run.  Most vessels ply the waters closer to home, including tug boats, tow boats, pilot boats, derrick barges,...

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Co-Parenting During Lockdown in Virginia

Faced with a worldwide pandemic, governors across the country have issued, for the first time in my lifetime, universal stay-at-home orders virtually shutting down our way of life.  While it is an extremely difficult transition for in-tact families, persons who must co-parent with another parent during this current crisis are experiencing extra-ordinary difficulties.  Under the best of conditions, it is sometimes difficult to work with the child’s other parent given the...

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Commercial Landlord-Tenant Relations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid the health and economic crisis created by COVID-19, landlords, property managers, and tenants of commercial property are scrambling for information and establishing new policy. Briefings by the President and Governor change the way businesses can be conducted with little or no advanced warning.  What makes sense one day, may not be an option the next. What has become clear, is that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing economic upheaval for businesses.  Among the hardest hit...

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Can Virginia Renters Be Evicted During the COVID-19 Crisis?

There seems to be a common belief that landlords may not evict residential tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most beliefs, it’s rooted in truth, but the details may be surprising. On March 16, 2020, the Virginia Supreme Court made an emergency judicial order in response to COVID-19 that essentially put the brakes on all cases for 21 days.  On March 27, the Court extended the order by another 21days.  At the present time, all civil matters are continued through April...

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COVID-19 Presents Construction Industry with Challenging New Legal Issues

Businesses who are engaged in construction related activities, whether on public or private projects, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers, as well as sureties under payment and performance bonds, can expect that there will be new and challenging legal problems resulting from the impact of the Coronavirus.  While certain types of projects have been deemed to be essential, others have not, resulting in job shutdowns and layoffs of employees....

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COVID-19: Helpful Resources for Businesses and Individuals

(UPDATED April 22, 2020) Congress passed major legislation to address economic and health problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently considering additional changes to the law.  Government agencies are regularly providing regulations and guidance for businesses and individuals to understand how these laws affect them and what new benefits are available. We have compiled the links below to help clients and community members locate relevant information.  Our...

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