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Pender & Coward attorneys are committed to your success and peace of mind. Our motto is simple, yet effective: “Service. Integrity. Results.” Our adherence to that motto transcends the legal services we provide, whether in complicated business law, complex litigation, family law or estate planning. Our attorneys are dedicated to each client’s best interests, and strive to provide first rate legal services at a very fair value. With offices in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Suffolk, our team of experienced attorneys can provide all your legal needs.

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The 2024 legislative session was a “long session” of 60 days which occurs every other year to adopt a new budget. There were a lot of new legislators, primarily due to redistricting. The first African American Speaker of the House was elected.Democrats control the House of Delegates and State Senate. Republicans hold the Governor’s Office. All bills must be approved by the General Assembly then signed by the Governor for final approval, therefore,...
Last year, Congress passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (“PWFA”), which requires employers in the private sector with 15 or more employees to provide reasonable accommodations for known limitations related to, affected by, or arising out of pregnancy, childbirth, or “related medical conditions,” unless such accommodations will cause an undue hardship on the employer’s operations. While other laws prohibit discrimination based on pregnancy, the PWFA...
We all know someone – a neighbor, friend, relative, or coworker - who feels like their marriage may be headed towards disaster … and undoubtedly some people reading this article are in this situation themselves. The feeling that your marriage may be heading toward divorce can be overwhelming, frightening, and downright depressing, but being prepared and taking control of the situation can help alleviate those sensations. This article is designed to help...
The Hampton Roads Region is home to a thriving and diverse population, including artists. Visual artists work with a myriad of mediums, including paints, clay, images, and a vast array of combinations of the same.A completed piece of artwork often goes beyond the ink on the canvas or the representation of the naked eye. Often, the piece is a culmination of untold hours of work, the interweaving of an artist’s skills and years of experience, and the...
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