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Pender & Coward attorneys are committed to your success and peace of mind. Our motto is simple, yet effective: “Service. Integrity. Results.” Our adherence to that motto transcends the legal services we provide, whether in complicated business law, complex litigation, family law or estate planning. Our attorneys are dedicated to each client’s best interests, and strive to provide first rate legal services at a very fair value. With offices in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Suffolk, our team of experienced attorneys can provide all your legal needs.

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As our society and workforce has become more mobile, the presence of non-competition covenants has increased.  What does that mean in today’s workforce for employees and employers?  In Virginia, covenants not to compete are disfavored and will only be enforced if specific requirements are met.  To be enforceable in Virginia, a non-competition covenant must (i) be narrowly drawn to protect a legitimate business interest, (ii) not be unduly burdensome on the employee’s ability...
In Virginia, wetlands are protected by law.  The Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC), working in in close coordination with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and local Wetlands Boards, have the responsibility to preserve and prevent the destruction of tidal wetlands while also accommodating necessary economic development in a manner consistent with wetlands preservation.  Va. Code §28.2-1301(B). Construction activities in tidal wetlands areas are highly...
The birth of a child creates new priorities and responsibilities.  Parents go into survival mode, structuring their schedules around feedings and naps, which later transforms into shuttling children to and from school, music lessons, sporting events, and other activities.  Somewhere in the shuffle, it’s common for parents to put off preparing a will until “things quiet down,” which in many cases will not be  until the kids are much older.  In the meantime, they cross their...
Estate planning is about more than just having a will; it’s planning for both incapacity and for death, making difficult situations easier to handle, and protecting yourself and your loved ones.  Although most of us don’t like to think about it, chances are that you or one of your loved ones will suffer a disability or period of incapacity during your lifetime; and of course, death is a certainty.  Doing a little planning up front will give you peace of mind in knowing that...
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