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Attorneys Rosen and Hunn Successfully Defend $65 Million Shooting Case



September 13, 2013

Virginia Beach, Va. – On Friday, September 13, 2013, an Alexandria United States District Court Jury returned a defense verdict in favor of a Deputy finding that he did not violate the decedent's civil rights when he shot him in 2008.

In the case Gandy v. Commonwealth of Virginia, et al., four deputies were responding to a 911 call advising that a man was in the backyard of the house, armed, threatening suicide, drinking, taking psychiatric medication and saying that "if he saw or heard the deputy he would kill himself." When the deputies entered the backyard, they ordered the decedent to drop his gun and put his hands up. Refusing to obey the deputies, the man grabbed his weapon and began running to the back door of his house. Two deputies attempted to taser the man before he turned and pointed what appeared to be a gun at the deputy who shot and killed him. The man's wife and next door neighbor claimed they saw the entire incident and denied that the man had a gun or pointed it at the deputy.


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